Expression refpack 01

14-11-2021, 18:19
Expression refpack 01

ArtStation Marketplace – Expression refpack 01
Resolution: 6000x4000px (except for the bonus selfie pack)
Number of photos: 1514 (of which 80 bonus photo selfies)
Total Download size: 9GB+ (98MB 2GB + 3.2GB + 3.4GB + 938MB)

1514 photo's taken with my friends (some include myself). These are photo's focused on facial expressions for various emotions, character archetypes and talking mouths for animation. Whether you're just out to study anatomy, need inspiration/ref for your characters? This is your refpack!

Personality, emotion, body language and story are some of the key ingredients for setting up a great character design.

The folders:
- Personal_Selfie_Bonuspack: 80 selfies taken by phone, 2316x3088px, that I've used for personal use.
- Prime emotions: 332 photos with Canon250D, 6000x4000px, Two male models and some of me personally. Showing every prime emotion from the front and 3/4 left (looking left and looking at us), 3/4 right (looking left and looking at us) .
- Random character expressions: 491 photos with Canon250D, 6000x4000px, two male models and some with me personally. Showing various archetype characters in various story based emotions.
- Rehearsal expressions: 453 photos with Canon250D, 4000x6000px, two male models, and some with me and my husband. Reheasing and getting int he flow of facial expressions, emotions and characters as a warm up. I took these photos as I made up stories for my friends of empathise with.
- Talking: 158 photos with Canon250D, 6000x4000px, Two male models. Showing front, left and right view of each letter of the alphabet.
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Author kris
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