Props: Secret Labs by Kitbash3D

31-03-2021, 18:25
Props: Secret Labs by Kitbash3D

Download Premium 3d-models collection by Kitbash3D – Props: Secret Labs
Unreal | Unity | Houdini | Blender | Maya | Cinema 4D | 3ds Max | FBX | OBJ

Bring your high-tech government labs and underground scientific worlds to life with this kit’s vacuum sealed chambers, particle colliders, computers, servers, operation tables, x-ray machines, cryo chambers, robotic assembly lines, and dozens and dozens of more pieces of equipment that ordinary civilians shouldn't get their hands on. You can create harmless data warehouses, evil cloning farms, black hole generation labs and everything in between with this kit’s endless potential for creativity.
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kris writes:
Get premium, what problem?
Oni writes:
Can't use because it's premium only unfortunately...
kris writes:
Oni writes:
Thanks for the upload but there doesn't appear to be a download link?