Download 3D models of animals and fauna in this category. High-quality models of domestic, wild and marine animals, birds, fish, insects, amphibians are collected here. Three-dimensional objects of animals are in 3ds Max, Vray, FBX, OBJ, 3DS, C4D, Blender, etc., with textures and configured materials (shaders) for different types of renderers.

For example, only in this section you can find a model of a dog, cat, cow, goat, tiger, elephant, lion, shark, whale, dolphin, fly, butterfly, mosquito, lizard, snake and many other representatives of fauna. Also in this section you can find and download models of various fish, including decorative fish, for designing an aquarium. In addition, there are 3D models of prehistoric and fossil dinosaurs, fantasy and different animals.

Some models of living creatures have ready animation, skeleton (rigged), which allows their use as for the modern game engines, and for rendering frames for animation and animated films. For your convenience, all 3D objects from this category are tagged with thematic tags, which makes it easy to find certain animals, groups of insects or fish.
Author Jane
17-01-2022, 15:57
3D-Model - Peregrine Falcon
3D-Model: Peregrine Falcon
Format: Max, fbx, obj
Author Jane
13-01-2022, 17:44
3D-Model - Blue Tongued Skink
3D-Model: Blue Tongued Skink
Format: Max, fbx, obj
Author Jane
30-12-2021, 16:35
3D-Model - CAT 5
3D-Model: CAT 5
Format: Max, fbx
Author Jane
10-12-2021, 20:01
3D-Model - Bongo Antelope
3D-Model: Bongo Antelope
Format: Max, fbx, obj
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